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Coronavirus Crisis
Help for key workers, the Elderly, House-bound and vulnerable residents of Westoning from ‘Westoning Cares’ (Westoning Cares Co-ordinating Group)

HELPLINES – Only a call away!  To make contact with ‘Westoning Cares’ you may

call any of the following numbers between 9.00 am and 6.00 pm Monday to Saturday and on Sunday in extreme emergency:

Maureen Graham 01525 873830 or 07922 011515 malcolmgraham1@ntlworld.


Steve Alcock 01525 755039

or 07710 172546 steve.alcock3@ntlworld.com

Joyce Nethersole O7770 642159 Holmes02@icloud.


Nigel Washington* 01525 714442 or 07722 297299 nwashy2@gmail.com
Please contact Nigel by email

if possible.

How you can help others
Please send an email to westoningcares@gmail.com to let us know how YOU can help us to help others.

Helplines and Information
If you are in need of urgent help the following helplines

are open 24/7:

NHS Advice - Dial 111

Emergency Services - Dial 999

Police - Dial 101

Other sources of INFORMATION:

Information is changing by the day so the best way to get reliable, accurate information is via various websites:

BBC www.bbc.com/news

Central Bedfordshire Council

0300 300 8900 www.centralbedfordshire.gov.


NHS COVID-19 Information http://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/

Citizen’s Advice Bureau

01525 402742 www.citizensadvice.org.uk 


Westoning Pelican Crossing -
to be replaced with new system
Central Bedfordshire Council has decided to abandon its proposal to replace the High Street Pelican
Crossing with a Zebra crossing. The change of policy means that the
current Pelican crossing will be
replaced with an up-to date Pelican crossing with improved electronic controls that will be more reliable and repairable.
This is great news for Westoning and shows that when a clear message is sent by a large number of residents, CBC is prepared to reconsider and change its plans.
A huge thankyou is due to the large number of Westoning residents who sent their objections to CBC. Thanks also to our local Councillor, Cllr James Jamieson, who supported the Parish Council and the residents of Westoning. James’ strong opposition to the
council’s proposal was an important factor in getting the proposal overturned.
While there is no date given for when the new crossing mechanism will be installed, it is likely to be done sometime in this calendar year.
More information will be circulated as soon as it becomes available.
Parish Council Meetings
Parish Council meetings are held at 7.30 pm on the second Wednesday of each month. For the duration of the Coronavirus restrictions, Westoning Parish Council will meet in ‘virtual’ meetings using ZOOM.
The meeting ID and
Password will be displayed
24 hours before the meeting commences.
Any member of the public wishing to make use of the Public Participation facility should notify the Clerk 24 hours before the meeting.
Next Parish Council Meeting
14th April 2021
Agendas and Minutes can 
be found under the Meetings
Zoom Meeting login
Meeting ID: 839 2234 3990
Passcode:  849694